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:  History Of Art
:  Cairo Today: Revitalizing a Historic Metropolis
:  History Of Art
   Stefano Bianca
:   Umberto Allemandi
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In 1984 the Aga Khan offered the Mayor of Cairo the creation of a large urban park: thirty-one hectares bounded by the Citadel and the Ayyubid city walls. This grandiose urbanistic, archaeological and socio-economic initiative will profoundly alter the quality of life in one of the most densely inhabited districts of Cairo, and will also have a considerable revitalising effect on the whole metropolis. This book documents every aspect of this model undertaking. This volume, the first in the series devoted to the projects of the Aga Khan Trust for Culture, describes the plan approved in 1990, the creation of the Azhar Park, the restoration of a large part of the old Ayyubid city walls, and the socio-economic study regarding the district of al-Dard-al-Ahmar.
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