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:  Masterclass: Interior Design: Guide to the World's Leading Graduate Schools
:  Interior Design
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Aimed at current bachelor students, recent graduates, and professionals looking for a specialization, Masterclass: Interior Design provides an in-depth overview of thirty leading graduate schools in interior design.

The featured schools are selected based on a list of criteria including the quality of the graduation work, the employability and success of former students, the list of faculty, and their reputation in the industry.

Each school is explored extensively on ten pages that contain an introduction by the dean, photographs of the school's interior and exterior, a description of the course, application details and requirements, recent graduation work photography, student demographics, faculty and alumni lists, an interview with a successful alumnus, information about the school's location regarding housing, transportation, and the cultural scene, and more.

All this information results in a very clear impression of what the selected schools have to offer on every thinkable front that is relevant to the potential student. Various indexes, world maps indicating the demographic spread of included schools, comparison tables, and a notebook section for the students' own research complete this guide.

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