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:  Fiction
:  Angels and Demons (Robert Langdon)
:  Fiction
   Dan Brown
:   Corgi Books
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:  Paperback
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Angels and demons was published on 28th august, 2010 it was the second bestseller written by the author, after the da vinci code the da vinci code was more of treasure hunts and about things that fascinated brown in his childhood angels and demons is more about the unraveled truths and fights between religion and science and how it escalates into one big controversy the secret brotherhood of the illuminati has always been a rival of the catholic church and now they are doing everything in their capability to destroy the catholic church robert langdon is a world renowned symbologist from harvard and is called upon the orders of the swiss research facility to examine an anonymous symbol this symbol was found carved on the chest of a physicist who was murdered with all the clues gathered, he discovers that it could have been the work of the illuminati they are the most influential underground organization ever to have walked the earth on the eve of the vaticans gathering, a messenger of the illuminati declares that they are going to blow up vatican city as they have planted a bomb at the center of the city with very less time in hand, langdon rushes to rome to try and stop the destruction he and his partner vittoria, an italian scientist, set out to search through the deserted cathedrals, sealed crypts, catacombs and also the most secretive vault on planet earth there are so many symbols involved that lead to the illuminati nest which was forgotten their quest to try and save the vatican city is the most exciting crime story you can look for this book is available in paperbackkey features:this book shows the quest for the unknown and the danger involved in it it is about the feud between the catholic church and the illuminati and their life long battle

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