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:  History
:  A Place in History: Britain's Headline News Stories Remembered
:  History
   Colin Philpott
:   Ammonite Press
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:  Hardcover
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This book is all about a sense of place, about our fascination with the fact that, wherever we are in the world, we're living, breathing, feeling and thinking where thousands of other people have done so before us. That fascination is heightened when the location in question has been the scene of great events - sometimes joyous, sometimes calamitous - a place where history was made. Colin Philpott, Director of the National Media Museum, takes us on a personal journey around Great Britain to visit destinations, such as sports stadiums, that were built to stage great events, or places made famous by a single event such as a disaster, or an event of social, political or cultural significance. It also examines what has happened to those places touched by history, how changing uses reflect changes in society, particularly in economic circumstances and in leisure time. Above all, it is a journey to inspire further exploration and discovery and an enduring sense of place.
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