:  ۷۷۱۴۱۱۶۱
:  History
:  The Hutchinson Chronology of World History: 1901-Present Day - The Modern World v. 4 (Helicon history)
:  History
:   Helicon
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:  ۱۹.۳۰۴
:  ۲۵.۱۴۶
:  ۷.۱۱۲
:  Hardcover
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:  ۲,۰۰۰,۰۰۰ ریال

This volume begins with the death of President McKinley in the USA, propelling Teddy Roosevelt into office, and of Queen Victoria in the UK. During the same year instant coffee is created, the Chicago White Sox win the first American League championship, and students and workers riot throughout Russia over the repression of political activity. As 1998 draws to a close, it ends a century racked with The Great Depression and two World Wars, but marked by phenomenal strides of human endeavour.
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