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:  Jewels from Helen Exley: Dad Makes Our World (HEJ-75969)
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This little book is filled with quotes about the joys of fatherhood and makes the perfect little gift for the best father in the world - yours! Helen Exley's Jewel series is outstanding in every way. Their small size makes them a charming novelty and immediately attractive to everyone who sees them. The unique format of the Jewels (a tiny hardback packed with pages inside a matching slipcase) makes them perfect gifts and very collectible in themselves. Each title has been lovingly edited by Helen Exley. Helen Exley Giftbooks is a family company, started by Richard and Helen Exley, and subsequently expanded by their sons, Lincoln and Dalton, who both work in the company. Every giftbook is designed to be special - a joy to give and to receive - with a thoughtful message of ""I love you"" or ""thanks for everything"" or simply ""I saw thisand thought of you"". The books sell four million copies a year in over thirty languages and in over eighty countries across the world.
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