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ALEXCHOI design & Partners was founded in 1997 by Mr. Alex Choi. It is a multi-faceted design company dedicated to integrated disciplines of interior design. The company is closely affiliated with other design companies in the architectural, graphic and branding fields, strengthening their multi-disciplinary approach in design with function and passion.

Their design approach has been well established among many prestigious clients including Hysan Group, Sun Hung Kai properties, Moet Hennessy Asia Pacific, Waltz Disney (HK), BMW, A.S Watson Group, Philip Morris, China Telecom, 3 Mobile, broadway cinema, Aveda just to name a few who are constant and long-term corporate customers looking for consistent and successful retail design solutions. Exhibition design is also one of of the company's strengths, which is proved by their award winning project - the China Mobile exhibition center in Guangzhou. With decades of experience, they have earned their reputation as one of the most prominent interior design practice in Hong Kong.
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