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:  Design
:   Artpower International Publishing
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:  Hardcover
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Language:Chinese.HardCover. Pub Date: 2014-3-1 book is a very rich and independent form of typical objects. Its historical and cultural significance for the artists to explore and interpret provides unlimited viewing angle. It is not only the story of the carrier. which itself is a worthy story of. It's all life and existence are able to get a glimpse of the details and structure of its binding function. This book by creativity. craftsmanship. classic three modules. for readers who provide a window to understand the art of binding. will bring you inspiration.
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دیوار شهر کتاب، دیواری‌است برای گفت‌وگوی علاقمندان به کتاب و کتابخوانی و نوشتن درباره علاقه‌مندی های مشترک
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