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Pub Date: 2014-07-01 Pages: 528 Language: English Publisher: Designerbooks Event Design is the most important title foreventdesigning to Designer Books in 2014. It includesterrificsuccessful cases. with characteristics of huge info. delicate bookdesigning It is a classic book of. practical and collective features. With 528 pages' info. it is the newestand most comprehensive designing data bank for activities andevents. Fromluxurious wedding to the fashion exhibition. from the huge activity events to the beautiful stage design. from the museum of scienceand humanity to the outdoors lighting designing with fine art. from the whole to the details. from the flexibility to the stillness. Event shows you the charm of science and arts. adesigning book for events exhibitions that we cherish. EVENTDESIGN is DESIGNERBOOKS2014-year effort to build a event design books. with cases wonde...
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