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:  Computing Sciences (Hardware)
:  Samsung Galaxy Tab For Dummies
:  Computing Sciences (Hardware)
   Dan Gookin
:   For Dummies
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Full-color guide to Samsung's exciting new tablet device! The Samsung Galaxy Tab puts a universe of technology right in your hands. And, if you've got a Samsung Galaxy Tab, you've got a handful of cool features to explore. This For Dummies guide shows you how to take full advantage of all this exciting new technology. In addition to tablet features you may already be familiar with--web and e-mail access, music, camera, e-books, and much more--this book shows you how to do video conferencing, video chat, find new apps, and take full advantage of the reach and popularity of the Android operating system. Packed with practical how-tos, tips, and features, Samsung Galaxy Tab For Dummies makes using your Tab easier. Helps you get up to speed on the Samsung Galaxy Tab Clarifies the basics of how to use it, how the technology works, how to configure everything, and how to make it totally yours Delivers a full slate of how-tos, tricks, features, and techniques, all in full color Covers setup and configuration, texting, e-mailing, wireless networking, desktop synchronization, accessing apps at the Android market, and more Explores how to customize your Galaxy Tab, how to maintain it, and how to upgrade it with new software Got a new Galaxy Tab? Now find out how to use it with Samsung Galaxy Tab For Dummies .
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