:  ۷۷۱۳۸۰۳۹
:  Ceramics
:  Modeling the Head in Clay
:  Ceramics
   Bruno Lucchesi, Margit Malmstrom
:   Watson-Guptill
:  ۱۹۹۶
:  ۲۰.۸۰۲۶
:  ۲۷.۴۰۶۶
:  ۱.۱۹۳۸
:  Paperback
:  ۱۶۰
:  ۷۵۰,۰۰۰ ریال

Creative techniques step-by-step. This book offers the reader an opportunity to watch one of our foremost contemporary sculptors at work, to see not just highlights of the creative process, but every step from beginning to end.

In order to recreate the immediacy of an actual workshop situation, Bruno Lucchesi takes a single life-size head through all the stages of roughing in, modeling, refining the surface, and finishing and texturing, so that the reader can see exactly how he positions and models every detail.
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