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:  History Of Art
:  Art of the Twentieth Century: Valerio Terraroli
:  History Of Art
:   Skira
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:  Hardcover
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In a new exclusive slipcase, the prestigious four-volume series covering the fundamental events and pivotal works of international art in the twentieth century. This series offers a complete, up-to-date survey of the artistic culture of the twentieth century  through an original, transversal, and interdisciplinary analysis. This special edition of the series gathers the four volumes into an exclusive lenticular slipcase inspired by a masterpiece that significantly marked the art of the twentieth century. The books provide an extraordinary repertory of images and a vast source of information, enriched through "focus on" windows and technical information by experts in the field. The essays investigate and analyze in chronological order the transformations of the world’s artistic culture, the major personalities, and the different movements that have characterized the development of modern and contemporary art. Roughly 2,000 pages and a number of illustrations provide a broad and complex overview of the movements, artists, works, and cultural phenomena characterizing the last century in an extraordinary publication that examines in depth the tendencies of modern and contemporary art.
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