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:  History Of Art
:  Sajjil: A Century of Modern Art
:  History Of Art
   Nada Shabout, Wassan Al و khudhairi, Deena Chalabi
:   Skira
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:  Hardcover
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Contemporary Arabic art is almost completely unknown in much of the West. The mission of the Arab Museum of Modern Art is not only to showcase a unique collection, finally accessible to students, academics, scholars and the international community, but also to act as a new institution with programs running alongside the exhibition to enhance its worth.
This exhibition catalogue presents the collection's highlights to expose new audiences to modern art from the Arab world. It accompanies the first long-term installation in the museum's galleries, and presents works in thematic, chronological and regional context to allow visitors to make aesthetic and historical connections. The exhibition's themes are Landscape; Portraiture; Cityscape; Folk themes; Politicized content and form; Social Realism; Abstraction.
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