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:  Architecture
:  Paradise of Growth - Kindergarten Design
:  Architecture
   Xia Jiajia
:   ArtPower International
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:  ۳.۴۰۳۶
:  Hardcover
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:  ۲,۱۰۰,۰۰۰ ریال

Paradise for Growth-Kindergarten Design welcomes you into an environment of color, providing the opportunity for expression and imagination, the fundamental elements of a happy childhood; this is a collection of beautifully designed interiors that feel warm, bold and uncluttered leaving space to grow and develop.

The designs seem intuitive, themselves playful and unrestrained; spaces where stories are created, where there is talk and laughter; understated simplicity of architectural shape and form and yet undeniably an educational environment to be enjoyed and used practically. Outdoor spaces filter inside, earth and sky are cleverly joined to provide 'classrooms' that are uniquely different.
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