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:  Antiques
:  Miller's Care & Repair of Antiques & Collectibles: A Step-by-Step Guide (Miller's Collector's Guides)
:  Antiques
   Judith Miller
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:  Hardcover
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One way to turn a profit when buying and selling antiques is to purchase a damaged piece, then repair and restore it. But it can be difficult to assess what you should and should not do to get the highest possible return on your collectible. Miller’s, the antiques authority, provides invaluable guidance, with this heavily illustrated guide filled with step-by-step sequences and artwork. It clearly explains what an amateur can safely undertake…and when to call in the professionals. Each section, from furniture to ceramics to musical boxes, explains the materials and their common problems, together with causes and prevention. There’s advice on siting, display, care, cleaning, handling, and transportation. You’ll find categories that similar books often ignore, so whether you’re into arms and armor or teddy bears, Miller’s has you covered.


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